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High oil tank solution of four-column hydraulic press

1, try to avoid heat source, but plastic machinery such as injection molding machine, extruder, etc.) because of melting plastic, there must be a “heat source”. 2, the correct design of the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press, such as the system should have unloading circuit, the use of pressure, flow and power matching […]

Analysis of power consumption characteristics of four-column servo hydraulic press

Start, quick downward slide, slide block slow down, the slider when rolling and slide block when rolling, slider, top piston top return trip, ejection pistons exit, buffer cylinder ejector, stop, in turn, every process need to use different working pressure and flow, in addition to rapid downward and DingGang ejection with high-pressure, other processes are […]

Hydraulic press hydraulic system commonly used cleaning method, in the process of long-term use of hydraulic system to do regular maintenance cleaning. Common cleaning put Xiaobian for you to list here

1.Spray washing adopts pressure jet cleaning: suitable for continuous operation of hydraulic press in large and medium-sized factory workshops. The heated aqueous solution prepared by the corrosion resistant pump is sprayed and cleaned at a pressure of 0.3mpa. Generally speaking, the cleaned parts go through three continuous spraying processes: pre-washing room, cleaning room and hot […]