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Analysis of power consumption characteristics of four-column servo hydraulic press

Start, quick downward slide, slide block slow down, the slider when rolling and slide block when rolling, slider, top piston top return trip, ejection pistons exit, buffer cylinder ejector, stop, in turn, every process need to use different working pressure and flow, in addition to rapid downward and DingGang ejection with high-pressure, other processes are working in a small pressure, The pressure and flow are regulated by pressure proportional valve and flow proportional valve, by adjusting the pressure proportional valve and flow proportional valve opening degree to control the pressure and flow size. The technology of energy saving transformation of hydraulic press by means of frequency conversion and speed control has been widely applied. The traditional frequency conversion speed control mainly uses the high voltage signal and low voltage signal of hydraulic press to the frequency conversion energy-saving speed control device, in order to achieve the purpose of adjusting the oil pressure according to the needs of the process. Hydraulic press one moves at a high pressure, frequency converter speed, is at a low voltage, frequency converter is running at low speed, to control the output frequency of frequency conversion energy-saving control device, so as to change the oil pump motor speed, to change the pump output flow rate Q, satisfy the injection molding machine working in various stages of the required size and flow speed, oil pressure to transform the traditional quantitative pump for variable pump, Energy saving efficiency up to 20% ~ 60%. Four column servo hydraulic machine frequency conversion energy-saving speed regulation device functions and characteristics:

1, greatly reduce energy consumption: the four column servo hydraulic machine frequency conversion cabinet will change the traditional quantitative pump to variable pump, using high pressure and low pressure double signal input frequency conversion speed regulation method, replace the previous proportional valve speed regulation method, greatly reduce energy consumption. On the premise of meeting the process requirements, the oil pump motor energy saving 20%-60% is achieved.


2, improve the production process to extend the service life of the equipment: the energy-saving cabinet device of the hydraulic press adopts the external expansion of synchronous control, any speed section can be adjustable at will, can easily meet the requirements of the hydraulic process, so that it can reach the best value, so that the production process is improved than before. And can reduce the system oil temperature, prolong the life of sealing components, reduce equipment maintenance costs.


3, easy control and operation: the four-column servo hydraulic machine energy-saving cabinet device adopts advanced computer control means, the use of hydraulic machine computer synchronization signal, according to the hydraulic machine process requirements automatic control oil pump motor, safe and reliable operation, production does not need to adjust the hydraulic machine energy-saving cabinet, easy control and operation.


4, to achieve the full sense of soft start: hydraulic machine energy saving cabinet speed regulating device start current is small greatly reduce the work of hydraulic machine can greatly reduce the requirements of power supply transformer capacity, and improve the quality of the power grid, avoid the impact of the equipment itself, prolong the service life of equipment and mold.


5, high reliability: four-column servo hydraulic press energy-saving cabinet speed regulating device can realize power frequency/frequency conversion, even in the case of frequency conversion failure, can be converted to power frequency, will not affect the production schedule. Large lifting torque, fast dynamic response, suitable for sudden speed of hydraulic press needs.