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Y21 series hydraulic punching machine can be used to realize two kinds of action stroke:high-speed blanking of mechanical punching machine and stretching of hydraulic punching machine.the transmission and force part of the machine is hydraulic with smooth transmission,low noise,complete functions,high production efficiency,stability and reliability.

Technical parametersYJH21-100TYJH21-160TYJH21-200TYJH21-250T
Nominal pressure(KN)1000160020002500
Maximum slider opening(mm)520600700750
The slider velocity(mm/s)Under the fast(mm/s)50-30050-30050-30050-300
Work into(mm/s)3-173-143-14.53-14.5
Slider bottom surface size (left and right * front and back)(mm)630*520700*580850*650930*700
Micro adjusting mode (mm/s)1(The minimum)1(The minimum)1(The minimum)1(The minimum)
Slider displacement control accuracy(mm)
Distance from slider center to fuselage(mm)350390430460
Indenter center distance from operating surface(mm)130145160190
Diameter of blanking hole on table(mm)50505050
Hole size of die shank (diameter * depth)(mm)60*8065*8565*9070*100
Distance between columns(mm)510650790860
Servo motor power(KW)1418.220.428.3


  1. PLC does not need a large number of moving components and wired electronic components. Its connection is greatly reduced, the maintenance of the system is simple, short maintenance time. PLC operation is very flexible and convenient, monitoring and control variables is very easy.
  2. Large oil passing ability, especially suitable for the occasion of large flow. One valve multi-function, easy to achieve hydraulic components and oil system standardization, serialization and generalization, and can simplify the system.
  3. The digital gauge has a stainless steel housing, good battery mounting design, and stable circuit parts to ensure its long-term use and measuring accuracy. The field digital display of digital pressure gauge not only has high accuracy, but also has high measuring speed.
  4. The precision milling process after welding improves the precision of products,Low noise, noise is usually less than 70dB, high efficiency, the working tempo is several times higher than the traditional hydraulic press, convenient maintenance of hydraulic oil cleanliness requirements are far less than the hydraulic proportional servo system, reducing the impact of hydraulic oil pollution on the system.

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