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Y32 four column hydraulic press,table size, working pressure, pressing speed, stroke range, opening height, etc.Application fields like auto parts/household appliances/kitchen appliances/motor industry,electronics industry,hardware products,silicone products,etc.

Technical parameterY32-315TC-AY32-315TXC-BY32-315TXC-CY32-315TXC-DY32-315TC-EY32-315TC-FY32-315TXC-G
Nominal Pressure(KN)3150315031503150315031503150
System pressure(Mpa)25252525252525
Slider stroke(mm)6006001000600600800900
Maximum opening height(mm)70080014009008009001300
Effective sizeLeft&right(within the nut)800100012601300170017001900
Of workbench(mm)
Front&rear(within the edge)80010001200120090013001700
Idle stroke(mm/s)180180220150160160160
Back tracking(mm/s)160140170150100/16010090
Motor power(KW)2218.52118.518.518.518.5
Ejection force(KN)6306306301600
Under cylinder stroke(mm/s)260300280300



    1. The hydraulic transmission device of the machine is arranged beside the hydraulic press machine, and its role is to control the movement of the slider. The hydraulic control system adopts the integral two-way plug-in valve integrated block. It has fast response speed, large oil-passing capacity, small flow resistance, reliable operation and easy maintenance. The power device of the cartridge valve uses a large flow CY high pressure variable axial piston pump.


    1. The task you entrusted to Jianha, our professional management team in accordance with the national high standards of quality, do every detail.


    1. Medium-frequency hardening of 45 steel, making the surface hardness of the piston rod to 55 ,effective solution to seal ring injury,not easy to scratch it.For the workpiece after medium-frequency quenching, we use the lathe to soft throw it, and then use an cylindricall grinding machine to repair the deformation, to ensure the accuracy.


  1. The piston pump is based on the piston in the cylinder block for reciprocating movement in the pump to seal the working chamber volume changes to achieve oil absorption and pressure oil, the piston pump is generally divided into radial piston pump and axial piston pump.

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