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Abnormal pressure of industry-specific hydraulic press is a common fault. There are three main points:

No pressure in the system, pressure can not be adjusted, pressure fluctuation and instability. Let’s look at the main reasons and solutions for the industry special hydraulic press without pressure.

In the process of operation, the system pressure suddenly drops to zero and can not be adjusted in most cases is the problem of the pressure regulating system itself. The causes of this failure are: whether the overflow valve damping hole is blocked; There are foreign bodies above the sealing end of the relief valve; In the open position of the relief valve main core valve stuck; The electromagnet of the unloading reversing valve is burned out, the wire is broken or the electrical signal is not issued; For the proportional relief valve may also be the electrical control signal interruption and other reasons.

When the industry special hydraulic press is shut down for a period of time, restart, the pressure is zero, there may be some reasons for the relief valve in the opening position rust knot; Hydraulic pump motor reversal; Hydraulic pump due to filter blockage or suction pipe leakage does not absorb oil.

When industry special hydraulic pressure after the maintenance component replacement installation is zero phenomenon possible reasons are: hydraulic pump not impaction, cannot form work volume: filling in the hydraulic pump, cannot form sealing oil film: directional valve core is installed backwards, reversing valve upside, if there is a u reversing valve system, once installed backwards, then make the system pressure.