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how to control the precision of the finished products processed by the servo hydraulic machine

The stability and persistence of the pressure with good abrasive tools can ensure the production efficiency of the product line, so a brand awareness. The company that can do a good job of after-sales guarantee is your first choice for purchasing equipment. Shandong Jianhabaofa Heavy Industry welcomes you to visit, and pays attention to feedback to every customer.

We produce precision of servo hydraulic press before running to debug, testers to ensure the size of the finished products after debugging, screening and docking with the customers, to ensure complete safety equipment normal production, the late will have after-sales personnel online at any time to solve customer questions, customer satisfaction we do pay a return visit regularly, really pull into the distance with the customer, Let customers stable and secure use of our equipment, wholeheartedly put into production. In the installation process of the hydraulic press, general attention is paid to the four adjusting nuts for the height of the table, so that the machine accuracy adjustment has a better basis.

In the pressurized state, the connecting parts of the living block and the movable beam are fastened into a whole, and the servo hydraulic press also tightens the connecting parts of the cylinder and the upper beam. Then tighten the lock nut as far as possible under the working table, so that precision adjustment can be carried out. In the precision adjustment, the plane under the movable beam is perpendicular to the piston rod, so that the parallel deviation under the movable beam is flat and to the table surface, can reflect the vertical situation of the piston midline to the table surface.

Accordingly, can stay in the middle position of the movable beam, measure its parallelism deviation first. Before adjustment, loosen the four lock nuts on the upper beam slightly. With the meter can first check the horizontal plane under the movable beam and the table before and after the plane parallel. After checking and adjusting the parallelism of the servo hydraulic press, check whether the running perpendicularity of the movable beam meets the requirements. Do not meet the requirements. The adjustment method is the same as the adjustment method of parallelism until it meets the requirements.