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Y32 series four column three beam hydraulic press is used in metal stamping, steel punching and other stamping processes.

Technical parametersY32-1800TC-A
Nominal pressure(KN)18000
System pressure(Mpa)25
Maximum opening height(mm)2800
Slider stroke(mm)1800
Effective size of work table(mm)Left & right(mm)3000
Front &rear (mm)2500
Slider speed(mm/s)Idle stroke(mm/s)260
Back tracking(mm/s)60-220
Motor power(KW)62*2


  1. Hydraulic control adopts to insert set valve integrated system, decrease let out Point.Movement reliability, durable and long life span, Itis constant pressure to realize with calm in the first place and calm procedure two develop technology, have to insure press the function of delay time, The route of working pressure may be regulated in assigned scope, adopt buttons for centralized control.
  2. The integrated system of cartridge valve is adopted to reduce the leakage point, and the operation is reliable and the service life is long. The two-way cartridge valve controls the flow direction and pressure of hydraulic oil, and the pressure is stable.
  3. The PLC has the characteristics of strong control reliability, simple wiring, easy programming, and convenient use. The PLC has the small size, light weight, low power consumption, very power saving.
  4. Plunger pump,high oil supply density, more stable flow, greatly reducing the phenomenon of micro-crawling of the cylinder piston, suitable for fine work, especially for the metal drawing industry, the forming effect is better.

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