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Y32 series four column hydraulic press, the series of hydraulic press is suitable for metal material stretching, bending, flanging, extrusion, punching and other processing.

Technical parameterY32-100TC
Nominal Pressure(KN)1000
System pressure(Mpa)25
Slider stroke(mm)500
Maximum opening height(mm)600
Effective sizeLeft&right(within the nut)640
Of worktable(mm)
Front&rear(within the edge)550
Idle stroke (mm/s)120
Back tracking(mm/s)120
Motor power(KW)11


  • After all the pressed vertical plate of the refrigerator shell is beveled, the multi-channel welding is carried out. The riveting hole is opened for the middle cylinder connecting plate, and the mortise and tenon filling welding is made. The weld is more full, the welding is more firm, and the deformation is reduced.
  • Hydraulic machines have to cope with considerable loads in everyday operation,We’ll find a low-cost, custom, optimized solution.
  • We use customized rolling cutter to roll and finish the inner diameter of the cylinder to ensure the above accuracy.
  • Hydraulic pump station can be according to customer needs, using low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, high pressure four pressure output pump, according to the need to make a whole or split type structure.

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