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The hydraulic system of this machine includes motors, oil pumps, control valve manifolds, oil tanks and other systems and various connecting pipelines. The pipelines of the hydraulic system are all connected by high-pressure flanges to avoid leakage of hydraulic oil. All oil pipes are pickled before welding, and then after welding slag, deburring and secondary pickling to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic pipeline.

Technical parametersY33-200TY33-315TY33-500T
Nominal pressure(KN)200031505000
The system pressure(Mpa)252521
Maximum slider opening(mm)22501000500
Effective stroke of slider(mm)1550≥400250
Effective size of table(mm)Or so(mm)1430720700
Before and after(mm)1000700700
The slider velocity(mm/s)fast(mm/s)80-24060-18055
Work into(mm/s)5-135-153
The motor power(KW)213615


  1. The piston rodMedium-frequency hardening of 45 steel, deepening the material 2-3 mm, making the surface hardness of the piston rod to 55,effective solution to seal ring injury,not easy to scratch it.
  2.  Product high purity, uniform and stable quality, no segregation. The slit is narrow, generally 6-8mm, and the cut surface is smooth and smooth. Small consumption, can improve the production rate of cut parts, effectively reduce the production cost.
  3. high control precision. low speed operation stability is good. At lower speeds, the servo motor still runs very smoothly, with almost no vibration, good torque frequency characteristics. The servo motor is a constant force output, no matter high speed or low speed, torque will not change much. the servo motor has a certain overload capacity, even beyond the rated torque, it can also work normally.
  4. high parameters, high rated pressure, high speed, high drive power of the pump high efficiency, volume efficiency of about 95%, the total efficiency of about 90% long life Convenient variables and many forms Light weight per unit power the main parts of the piston pump are under compression stress, material strength performance can be fully used

This series of hydraulic press is suitable for stretching, bending, flanging, cooling, blanking and other processes of metal materials.

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