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Y32 series four column hydraulic press, the series of hydraulic press is suitable for calibration,powder mold products, abrasive products,pressing and forming of plastic products as well as insulating materials.

Technical ParameterY32-250TXC-AY32-250TC-B
Nominal Pressure(KN)25002500
System pressure(Mpa)2525
Slider stroke(mm)600750
Maximum opening height(mm)10001150
Effective sizeLeft&right(within the nut)12002800
Of worktable(mm)
Front&rear(within the edge)10001200
Idle stroke (mm/s)18060-180
Back tracking(mm/s)14040-125
Motor power(KW)18.530
Ejection force(KN)300
Under cylinder stroke (mm)260


  1. The machine is equipped with three beams and four column,which has been optimized and designed by the computer, and bears the characteristic of simple, economical and practical natures. Hydraulic control system is subject to cartridge valve integrated, which has reliable action, long service lie,low hydraulic impact, and can be used to reduce the connecting pipeline and leakage point.
  2. Electrical selection of Schneider, safe and reliable, switchboard thinking clear, delivery with electrical diagram schematic diagram, customers with more comfortable.
  3. Independent hydraulic and electrical control system, the use of button centralized control, can realize the fixed range and fixed pressure two molding process, with pressure display and stroke, pressure regulation and other functions.
  4. The integrated system of cartridge valve is adopted to reduce the leakage point, and the operation is reliable and the service life is long. The two-way cartridge valve controls the flow direction and pressure of hydraulic oil, and the pressure is stable

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