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High oil tank solution of four-column hydraulic press

1, try to avoid heat source, but plastic machinery such as injection molding machine, extruder, etc.) because of melting plastic, there must be a “heat source”.

2, the correct design of the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press, such as the system should have unloading circuit, the use of pressure, flow and power matching circuit and accumulator and other efficient hydraulic system, reduce the overflow loss, throttling loss and pipeline loss, reduce the heating temperature rise.

3, select high efficiency components, and strive to improve the processing accuracy and assembly accuracy of hydraulic components of hydraulic press, reduce leakage loss, volume loss and mechanical loss caused by the heating phenomenon.

4,Correct piping: reduce the losses along the way and local losses caused by too thin and too long, too much bending, improper branching and confluence.

5, the correct choice of oil viscosity, tank design, should consider adequate heat dissipation area.