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Hydraulic press hydraulic system commonly used cleaning method, in the process of long-term use of hydraulic system to do regular maintenance cleaning. Common cleaning put Xiaobian for you to list here

1.Spray washing adopts pressure jet cleaning: suitable for continuous operation of hydraulic press in large and medium-sized factory workshops. The heated aqueous solution prepared by the corrosion resistant pump is sprayed and cleaned at a pressure of 0.3mpa. Generally speaking, the cleaned parts go through three continuous spraying processes: pre-washing room, cleaning room and hot water cleaning room. In addition, the hydraulic press can also use the air flow generated by compressed air to blow away the pollutants, and the pulsating air flow has the best effect.


2, solvent impregnation cleaning: impregnation cleaning is to be cleaned parts immersed in the cleaning tank with heating equipment, and in the cleaning liquid into compressed air or steam, so that the cleaning liquid is in dynamic, impregnation time 4-8 hours, for parts with serious oil pollution, cleaning also need to wipe manually.


3, ultrasonic cleaning: Use appropriate power ultrasonic cleaning fluid intake, the trip point small cavity, its degree of cavity of mine to move, a sudden breaking, the formation of partial vacuum, the surrounding fluid at high speed to fill the vacuum, generate powerful booster has thousands of atmospheric pressure magnitude and mechanical impact, to make the parts in the cleaning fluid contaminants on the surface spalling. This method cleaning hydraulic press time is short, good cleaning quality, but also can clean the shape of complex and manual and can not be cleaned parts.


4, motor scrubbing: soft brush can be used to remove dirt, in order to maintain the accuracy of the components and low roughness. Such as mesh oil filter, always with a hard wire brush, sometimes damage the filter element or change the filtration accuracy. And such as high precision, low roughness of the hydraulic valve body, the use of nylon with abrasive ball to brush, brush the end of the valve hole, hole junction and sink grooves.