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Y32 series four column three beam hydraulic press,application fields like auto parts/household appliances/kitchen appliances/motor industry,electronics industry,hardware products,silicone products,etc.

Technical parametersY32-1000TXC-AY32-1000TC-B
Nominal pressure(KN)1000010000
System pressure(Mpa)2525
Maximum opening height(mm)9002000
Slider stroke(mm)700800
Effective size of work table(mm)Left & right(mm)14002000
Front &rear (mm)12001500
Slider speed(mm/s)Idle stroke(mm/s)160180
Back tracking(mm/s)200160
Ejection force(KN)2000
Under cylinder stroke(mm)300
Motor power(KW)30*230*2


  1. Compared with the plug-in oil pump,We use the external and horizontal position of the oil pump to reduce the heat generated when the oil is pumped out. The oil rises slowly, and the oil temperature is always controlled within a controllable range of about 55 degrees Celsius, so that the hydraulic components can work at a tolerable temperature and prolong the service life of the machine.
  2. Cartridge Valve System,the cartridge valve is inteqrated into the system to reduce leakagepoints, reliable operation and long service life.
  3. High speed performance,strong overload resistance,low speed operation is stable,motor acceleration and deceleration of the dynamic corresponding time is short,heat and noise significantly reduced.
  4. Optional high precision grating sensor protection device.

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