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Y32-400T Powder molding hydraulic press machine,the powder molding hydraulic press machine pressure output is stable and the stamina is sufficient.

Technical parametersY32-400T-A
Nominal pressure(KN)4000
System pressure(Mpa)25
Maximum opening height(mm)610
Slider stroke(mm)550
Effective size of work table(mm)Left & right(mm)780
Front &rear (mm)850
Slider speed(mm/s)Idle stroke(mm/s)160
Back tracking(mm/s)150
Travel of floating die frame(mm)300
Bin trip(mm)700
Motor power(KW)22
Lifting speed of floating die frame(mm/s)20
Downward velocity of floating die frame(mm/s)24
Release force of floating mold holder (T)200
Distribution speed of oil cylinder (mm)70-80


  1. Pressure system to optimize the upgrade, and finally close to perfect, remove your worries.Precision mechanical combination, the perfect overall cooperation.
  2. With the user’s needs continue to improve the licking salt block press machine design, accumulated experience, to achieve perfect custom.
  3. Best precision grinder of China manufacturer powder forming hydraulic press machine piston rod and the cylinder after quenching,and then chrome antirust processing.
  4. Worktable plane processing with grinding machine,in order to ensure the smoothness and parallelism of the powder molding product press machine work table,refused to simply use milling machine processing.

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