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Y32 series four column three beam hydraulic press,application fields like auto parts/household appliances/kitchen appliances/motor industry,electronics industry,hardware products,silicone products,etc.

Technical parametersY32-800TC-A
Nominal pressure(KN)8000
System pressure(Mpa)25
Maximum opening height(mm)900
Slider stroke(mm)500
Effective size of work table(mm)Left & right(mm)1100
Front &rear (mm)1240
Slider speed(mm/s)Idle stroke(mm/s)150
Back tracking(mm/s)150
Motor power(KW)22*2


  1. The column is made of 45# steel, the surface is plated with hard chrome, the four-column guide sleeve is made of wear-resistant material, and the thin oil centralized lubrication system is used to reduce friction resistance.
  2. Cartridge Valve System,the cartridge valve is inteqrated into the system to reduce leakagepoints, reliable operation and long service life.
  3. All oil joints are sealed with a combination of gaskets, internally with rubber, externally with red copper customized by the manufacturer. Compared with the iron used by other manufacturers, the advantages are: 1.The ductility of red copper is strong, making the bond tight;2.In the process of high-pressure washing, red copper can effectively protect the rubber skin from breakage.
  4. It adopts relay control (PLC optional),and it realizes electro-hydraulic control, jog, manual and semi-automatic operation modes together with hydraulic valve.

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